Building on 40 years of innovation

Our Technology

Building on 40 years of innovation we have developed a novel Fc variant which is comprehensively more silenced than all previous attempts (including LALA, LALAPG, aglycosylated etc). For approximately 50% of antibody and Fc fusion proteins in clinical development, Fc effector function is not a mechanism of action. In these cases effector function, induced by Fc receptor or C1q binding, represents an undesirable and unnecessary risk to your project and to patients. Traditional methods for silencing effector function diminish rather than abolish binding to Fc receptors.

We passionately believe that if you want the safest and most effective drug then all traces of effector function should be engineered out. It was this goal that led us to develop STR, which we believe to be the only set of truly silent Fc mutations.

Licensing STR Technology

We are not involved in the research and development of our own biological therapeutics. Instead, it is our strong belief that the STR technology can be of real benefit to a large proportion of antibody and Fc fusion proteins currently being developed. We are therefore actively seeking to license our technology widely on affordable terms with non-exclusive research and commercial licenses available. Payments are based on a few simple success-based milestones with no royalties.

mAbsolve is committed to improving the safety and effectiveness
of therapeutic antibodies and Fc fusion proteins