Along with our updated website we are also launching the first edition of our company updates. We intend to publish these quarterly to provide regular updates on activities at mAbsolve. As the first such update in two years since our founding this will look back a bit further.

The last two years has seen the company come a long way. We always had what we believed to be a world-leading Fc silencing technology but we’ve been working hard over the last two years to prove this with data, some of which we give snapshots of on our newly updated website. We have plenty of data covering in vitro binding, cell-based assays, stability, immunogenicity, PK and much more. Some of this will be published in an upcoming peer-reviewed article in PLOS One, which we will announce once available online. We are always happy to discuss our data and be challenged on things we may not have thought of so please do reach out to us if Fc silencing is on your road map to success.

Since announcing our first licence deal in October 2020 we have gone on to sign another 8. We continue to actively engage with all organisations, large or small, with an interest in Fc silencing. It has always been and will remain our ambition to licence the technology as widely as possible on affordable terms. We strongly believe we have a superior technology that can be of benefit to a large proportion of therapeutic development projects and we would love to play a small part in making your drug a success for patients.

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