mAbsolve is a company offering a technology to eliminate Fc effector function and so we thought it appropriate that we provide some background information on the antibody Fc domain, the receptors it interacts with and their role in the immune response. Fc receptor biology is complex and we do not intend for this series of webpages to be an exhaustive review of all areas. Instead, we hope it will act as an introduction to the role that Fc receptors play and how modulation of their interaction with biological drugs containing an Fc domain (i.e. an antibody or Fc-fusion protein) is critical in the design and development of an optimal and safe therapeutic. Where possible we will refer the reader to articles that cover individual topics in greater depth than we are able to here. Although we acknowledge that all immunoglobulin isotypes play a critical biological function, on these pages we will focus almost exclusively on IgG due to this being the antibody isotype primarily used in therapeutic antibody development.

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Understanding Fc receptors

The Fc domain


Fc recptors


Complement cascade

Cytokine release syndrome


Fc silencing

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