Today our CEO and CSO, Geoff Hale and Ian Wilkinson, have had a new article published in mAbs. The work described in the article started as an internal effort to better understand the number of silenced antibodies in clinical development and the mutations they used. However, the goal of this work broadened out very quickly and became a systematic categorisation and analysis of over 800 antibody-based biologics. The full publication is available at the link below.

From the abstract:

By combining and cross-checking data from the World Health Organization’s lists of international nonproprietary names with three other databases, we assembled a dataset of amino acid sequences of 819 antibody-related therapeutics. This enabled the systematic tabulation of 57 different molecular formats and about 90 different constant-region variants (47 for silencing, 14 for enhancement, 8 for modifying binding to FcRn, 13 for heterodimerization, 4 for site-specific modification and 4 for stabilization), as well as the frequencies of different targets and immunoglobulin allotypes. The curated dataset provides a resource for researchers, giving insights into trends in antibody engineering and a guide to the most frequently tested designs.

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