A new generation of antibody variant developed by mAbsolve has been licensed to Novalgen for evaluation in their pipeline of therapeutic antibodies intended for treatment of cancer, leukaemias and cardiovascular disease.

Mr Nilesh Modi, COO of Novalgen, said:

I’m delighted to be working with the newly formed mAbsolve team, who individually have fantastic track records. Licensing the antibody silencing solution will add to our array of technologies and we hope will help us develop safer antibody therapies, and will deliver the life-changing treatments that many patients desperately need.

Prof Amit Nathwani, CEO and Founder of Novalgen. Professor of Haematology, University College London said:

The new Fc silencing technology represents a significant advance and will help NovalGen develop life changing therapeutics for a range of disorders with unmet clinical need. We are excited to be working in partnership with mAbsolve.

Prof Kerry Chester, Chief Scientific Officer of Novalgen and Professor of Molecular Medicine, University College London said:

We are thrilled to be early adopters of the Fc-silencing technology. I have every confidence in the mAbsolve team and believe that their technology will be a critical part of new antibody-based therapies.

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