On 5 Jul 2022 the UK Intellectual Property Office granted Patent number GB2595299 to mAbsolve. Publication of the patent is expected on 3 Aug 2022. The patent claims cover a range of variants in the immunoglobulin Fc region which effectively eliminate binding to Fc gamma receptors and associated cellular activation, without adverse effects on manufacturability, stability or other biological functions. mAbsolve has already licensed this patent to a number of Biotech and Pharma companies who are developing therapeutic antibodies and Fc fusion proteins, and intends to make it widely available.

Geoff Hale, CEO of mAbsolve said: “I am delighted that our patent was granted so quickly. This is quite unusual in such a competitive field, but we believe it is a testament to the significant improvement which STR technology provides. I am very grateful for the help of our agents Impact IP who steered our application so efficiently through the examination process.”

Dom Icely, Partner at Impact IP said: “This is really exciting technology, confirmed as novel by the patent grant.  The speed with which it went through shows that the patent office readily appreciated its benefits.  It has been a pleasure working with Geoff and the team at mAbsolve: their scientific credentials are beyond doubt and their commercial aims are laser-focused.”

About mAbsolve

mAbsolve founded in the UK by pioneers of therapeutic antibody development and engineering from both Oxford and Cambridge. We have experienced the clinical challenges caused by incomplete silencing of antibodies using LALA, aglycosylated or IgG4 variants. To address this we have developed a best-in-class solution for silencing of antibody effector function. Our STR technology is the only truly silent Fc. Visit www.mabsolve.com for more information.

About Impact IP

Impact IP is a group of proactive, responsive and motivated IP professionals with strong scientific backgrounds which offers an out-sourced, in-house patent attorney role. Impact works with businesses in medicine, life sciences, agritech and green technology, helping them to grow and make a positive impact to improve people’s health and home. Visit www.impactip.co.uk for more information.

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